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Raising Responsible Children Is Equally Important

A new study, done by scientists conducted on children’s behavior, has given new aspects to the parents who are concerned about their children. The study has showcased that children need overall rules, routines and guidelines. However, an existential feeling of safety is essential for them to fully explore the world and develop their skills.

The scientists have suggested that an important part of raising responsible children also includes allowing them to take an amount of responsibility.

Responsibility seen through the traditional parenting style lens would typically be: 'You must do the dishes to learn the responsibility of housekeeping'.

The experts stated that few responsibilities are typically seen in terms of obeying orders by taking on 'adult' tasks. Moreover, if you want obedient adults that are good at following orders, this is an appropriate way to do it, stated the experts. The scientists explain that positive mindful parenting is about teaching your children to take responsibility for their own life in a much broader sense.



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