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Popular for his calm attitude even under stressful conditions, India’s ex-captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, is an inspiration to many on and off the field. The players of Ranchi Rays, co-owned by Dhoni, aims to imitate his calmness when playing in the new Hockey India League (HIL) which is about to commence in a couple of weeks.

Manpreet Singh, India International stated that their main motto is to stay cool and calm even under stressful conditions just like Dhoni. It always has worked for their team, he said. Although Dhoni is no more the captain, his leadership ambience continues to inspire Ashley Jackson, the captain of Ranchi Rays. Ashley asks his team to follow Dhoni’s path by keeping the winning spirit up even during down times, says Manpreet.

Dhoni also sends their team his wishes via Harendra Singh, their team’s coach. The team indulges in cricket game and other fun activities on days when they are not playing hockey to relax their mind and to bond better, says Manpreet.

Ranchi Rays is ready for their first match against Dabang Mumbai on 21st January, the inaugural day of Coal India HIL, Mahindra Hockey Stadium, Mumbai. 

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