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Rani and Deepika Stand Tough against Belarus

Indian women hockey team clinches its third win in the test-series. India scored ahead of Belarus with a 3-1 win on Sunday. Rani was the star of the show as she put India forward with two back to back goals in the 35th and 39th minute. These scored ended the surprise lead that Belarus had been enjoying.

The series served as a warm-up tournament for India before the second round of upcoming Hockey World League in April.

The first quarter ended goalless. But India was stunned when Belarus scored ahead through a 24 minute penalty corner. Playing under the pressure to equalize, the Indian captain scored two back to back goals. This gave India the lead of 2-1 against Belarus.

But Belarus took India by surprise when it took a lead in the 24th minute. But the Indian skipper Rani did not lose hope and struck twice in four minute and put India in the lead again.

Deepika scored the third goal in the 42nd minute and increased the score to 3-1. The defenders put all their efforts to keep Belarus from scoring in the final quarter and ensured a win.




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