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Report on Standards for Data Allocation and Code Used In Reproducibility

Experts from computational methods and reproducibility have come up with methods through which researchers, institutions, agencies and journal publishers can work together. Through this new method, experts from different fields can standardize sharing of data sets and software code. The experts said that they have some issues in disclosing and reporting principles for research that involves computation.

Before the existence of computers, the standards for putting information for the understanding of other researchers were there in the process, said the scientists. The researchers also explained that today, the trend of valuing open data standards is increasing with each passing day.

The researchers said that computational study is an essential part of modern scholarship. However, it is nearly impossible to reproduce results from original data without the authors' code. Sharing the whole computational methods including data, code, parameters and the specific steps taken to arrive at the results, is difficult for researchers. As per the experts, sharing full method is difficult as it is an extra step for busy researchers to incorporate into their reporting routine.

Additionally, if someone wants to share their data or code, still there are questions of how to format and document it, where to store it and how to make it accessible, explained the experts.


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