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Researchers Found Old Mummy near Southern Egypt

Archaeologists from Spain have found a millennia-old mummy near the southern Egyptian town of Luxor. As per the researchers, the mummy has been found in a good condition and it was well preserved. The mummy had been covered with linen stuck together with plaster. The researchers have observed that the tomb, where the mummy had been preserved, belongs to 1075-664 BC.

As per a statement by the researchers the mummy was kept in the tomb located on the west bank of the Nile River, 700km south of Cairo. The researchers found the mummy inside a brightly colored wooden coffin. It is observed that the mummy had been masked near a temple from the era of fourth-millennium warrior King Thutmose III.

As per the antiquities ministry, the tomb was supposed to belong to a nobleman, Aeronef- "a servant of the royal household", said the analysts.

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