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Researchers Re-Discovers the History of Mars

The scientists are researching the reasons behind the changes on Mars’ environment. As per the old collected evidence by the scientists that rivers periodically flowed across the Mars’ surface. However, the scientists have predicted that Mars should have been too cold to support liquid water, three to four billion years ago.

The research by the scientists from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) has given a new direction to the paradoxical story about the existence of water on mars.

The scientists suggested that early Mars may have been warmed sporadically by a powerful greenhouse effect. The researchers found that interactions between methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen in the early Martian atmosphere. The interactions may have created warm periods when the planet could support liquid water on the surface, said the researchers.

The researchers said that the early Mars was different. Mars is the only planetary environment, outside Earth, where there were at least episodic periods where life could have flourished.

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