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Researchers Unveiled Carnivorous Plant's Prized Genetic Treasures

A team of scientists has done a study through which they have discovered the genomic underpinnings. As per the scientists, this study will highlight the genomic underpinnings that help make the carnivorous bladderwort a ferocious hunter.

Moreover, the carnivorous humped bladderwort plant is a complicated marauder, stated the scientists. Existing in swamps and ponds, this plant uses vacuum pressure to suck prey into tiny traps at high speeds of under a millisecond.

The biological treasures that were raised include genes that facilitate the trapping of prey, the digestion of proteins, and the transport of small bits of protein.

The scientists explained that this study is one of its kinds. Over millions of years, the species, Utricularia gibba, repeatedly retained and enhanced genetic material associated with its carnivorous nature, stated the researchers. The new genomic analysis also shows that how valuable the carnivorous lifestyle has been to the plant throughout its evolutionary history added the researchers.


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