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Scientifically Studying the Musical Evolution

Scientists and evolutionary biologists together have planned to study and observe the evolution of pop music. They have analysed 17000 songs from the US’s hit songs chart. The songs range from time of 1960 to 2010. This is being termed as the most significant study of history of popular music till now.

The research is being based on style, diversity and the timings when the music revolutionized. According to the research, bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones did not actually start the trend of pop music; instead they were just following it. Researchers are saying that 1986 was the year with the least variations in music. For the first time in history the mechanism will provide for measuring the music on a large scale. Researchers are planning to analyse music from different periods and countries and study how the music evolved.

Armand Leroi, professor at Imperial College, a senior author of the research said that not only does he want to know how the music evolved over time but also wants to find out what caused the change in the music patterns. 

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