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Scientists Analyses Creativity and Common Pattern in Ideas

Researchers from the Columbia Business School are trying to find out the root of creative ideas. The scientists aimed their research on the concept that ideas are measured as more creative when they have a good stability between novelty and familiarity.

With the help of the data accumulated by analyzing and text mining thousands of previously generated ideas they found common patterns in ideas. Fortunately, the discovered ideas’ patterns are considered creative, said the scientists.

By analyzing the text in a large number of ideas crosswise in different domains, the scientists were able to link an idea's judged creativity to its set of ingredients. Additionally, the researchers found that an idea judged by both consumer and firms’ executives can be defined as a creative idea.

Through an example, the scientists said that a balance between words that commonly appear together (familiar combinations) and words that do not (novel combinations) is a mix of an ingredient of a creative idea.

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