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Scientists Calculate Effectiveness of Math Games In Preschoolers

The researchers from Delhi have done a research through which they found improvement in preschooler’s conceptual math skills. It was believed, that games can perk up theoretical math skills. However, gains may not carry over to primary school. The study was co- authored by researchers at MIT, Harvard University, and New York University. The scientists from different universities tried to shade the light on the ways preschool activities may or may not help children develop cognitive skills.

 For the research, the scientists conducted an experiment in Delhi, India, engaged preschool children in math games intended to help them grasp concepts of number and geometry.

As a result, the scientists found that the children participating in the math games did hold a superior ability to grasp those concepts more than a year later, as compared to those who either played only the social games or did not participated at all.

Though, the exercises did not lead to better results later, when the children entered a formal classroom setting.

By: Priyanka Negi


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