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Scientists Demonstrates Technique to Use Aerial Thermography

Researchers have recently conducted a study to demonstrate how the latest aerial thermal imagery is transforming archaeology. As per the scientists, this transformation has happened because of the implementation and advancement in the latest technology.

With the help of these advancements, today’s thermal cameras, commercial drones and photogrammetric software has reached a new peak of possibilities for collecting site data. Additionally, the lead author of the study has also suggested that it may inspire other researchers to apply this methodology to their work.

Long time back archaeologists have used thermal infrared images to locate buried architecture and other cultural landscape elements. In fact, the thermal infrared radiation linked with such archaeological characters depends on several variables. These variables include the make-up of the soil, its moisture content and vegetation cover etc.  Past usual geophysics methods, such as field-walking, allowed archaeologists to obtain field data across one hectare of a site each day. Today’s aerial thermography makes it easy to gather field survey data across a much larger area in much less time, said the researchers.

By: Priyanka Negi


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