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Scientists Dig Out Secrets of Classical Music Creation

A new study has shed light on how classical music composers collaborate, mix and influence one another. The researchers found how culture evolves and foretell the future of the recording market.

The team of scientists analyzed the dynamics of the creation, collaboration and distribution processes concerned to classical music works and styles. The scientists stated that their study was focused on analyzing networks of composers contemporary to CD publications. They used modern data analysis and data modeling techniques in the study.

This study helped scientists to explore the nature of culture in novel ways. Additionally, it also worked as part of a broader movement of applying quantitative methods to music, the visual arts and literature, said the researchers.

The researchers also looked at a network of classical composers developed over time. The scientists studied how different composers are "listened to together" by consumers of classical music CDs that are known as a very important aspect in cultural studies.

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By: Priyanka Negi

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