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Scientists Discovered a Lake under a Volcano

A huge lake has been found by scientists from the University of Bristol. The amalgamation of scientists from different universities such as Germany, France, Canada and Wales, have revealed a huge magnetic lake.

As per the scientists’ claimed this is the biggest fresh water lake ever. We have not found something like this before said the researchers. The scientists also added that the finding can answer why and how volcanoes erupt. The scientists are also expecting that similar water lakes may be hidden under other volcanoes.

The body of water dissolved into partially molten rock at a temperature of almost 1,000 degrees Celsius is known as freshwater lakes. They have observed, that the rock found inside the lake is not fully molten, but partly molten. Only about 10 to 20 percent of the rock is actually liquid; the rest is solid. The rock at these depths is at a temperature of about 970°C, said the researchers. Currently the scientists are working on the research to get an idea of why volcanoes form and about its predictions of when it is going to erupt.



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