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Scientists Found 400-Years- Old Prosthesis Teeth in Italian Burial

During excavating a monastery in the Tuscan town of Lucca archaeologists dug out a unique 400-year-old dental prosthesis which appears to predate modern tooth bridges.

The finding contains five teeth out of which two lateral canines aligned in an incorrect anatomical sequence and three central incisors. The researchers said the teeth were aligned by a golden band and belong to different individuals.

To make the prosthesis, the root apex of each tooth was removed and a longitudinal cut was made along the roots. Micro-CT scan uncovered the presence of two small golden pins inserted into each tooth crossing the root and fixing the teeth to the internal gold band, stated the researchers. Additionally, the teeth were then aligned and a subtle golden lamina was inserted into the fissure.

The false teeth were anchored to the individual's teeth through two S-shaped ends featuring two small holes. Strings were probably used to hold it properly in place.

Content Source: Hindustan Times



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