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Scientists Found Cloud Existence on Pluto

Recently the scientists have noticed some clouds on Pluto. The research was led by Alan Stern from Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado. Some images have been captured by the scientists that prove the discovery. The pictures were taken through the dwarf planet system by the scientists during the space probe July 2015. According to the scientists, the Pluto fly-by data will help them to explore ahead for New Horizon.   

As per the scientists, the atmosphere at Pluto seems to be foggy and layered. Moreover, the scientists added that the environment on Pluto is likely to be cloud-independent. However, the images show contradictory facts, stated the scientists.

The scientists said that the existence of clouds makes Pluto’s environment even more multifaceted. Through a telescope observation, the scientists have got an idea about the nature of Pluto’s surface. Below Pluto’s frosty surface, the atmosphere diverse extensively in brightness.

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