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Scientists Mark Out Early Origins of Skeletal Tissues

Recently scientists have conducted two studies on the evolutionary origin of teeth and of vertebra. These studies was aimed to further light up the human connection to marine organisms, happened millions of years ago. The research was conducted by the J. Andrew Gillis and Katharine Criswell from the University of Cambridge.  

The scientists confirmed that teeth and the scales of sharks and skates have a similar evolutionary origin. Furthermore, their findings showcase that ancient fishes had multiple layers of external armor that evolved into the differing scale types we see today. The scientists added that fish scales and teeth are similar in structure, material and genetic expression.

Additionally, the similarities are so strong that researchers have long assumed the two must be related. However, research by others has shown that zebra fish scales are more connected to the musculoskeletal system, rather than the tissues that form teeth. The scientists also stated that the question needed more consideration. Gillis said, ‘the scales of sharks and skates are very different from the scales of zebrafish [and other] types of bony fish.’


By- Priyanka Negi

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