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Scientists Unveil the Mystery of Continents’ Formation

A new research, conducted by scientists, has found how plate tectonics have evolved on Earth over the last three billion years. For the research, the scientists used computer simulations.  The research demonstrates that tectonic processes have changed in the course of time. With the help of the research, the scientists also demonstrate that the changes contribute to the shape and damage of continents.

The scientists stated that the model reshapes how present-day continents, oceans and the atmosphere may have formed. The scientists added the earth shaped about four and a half billion years ago. As per the suggestions, there might be several phases when it was mainly composed of molten rock. After the molten rock got cooled, solid rock and the Earth's crust carved.

As per the researchers, there are two kinds of crust on Earth such as a lighter continental crust and a denser oceanic crust. Where lighter continental crust is rich in silicon, in the denser oceanic crust, water gathers in the form of large oceans.

By: Priyanka Negi






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