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Sea at Bioko Showing Evidences of Human Evolution

Experts suggested that aquatic ape theory deserves one more chance to show its validity though it got disregarded by paleoanthropologists. Aquatic Ape theory can answer several evolutionary questions like how humans have got features as long hair, protruding noses, and naked skin.

Paleontology which is the study of fossils has its sub – discipline as Paleoanthropology which is known to study human evolution. The properties like hair, skin, fat and sweat cannot be preserved as fossils. Thus, for these facts, paleoanthropologists have not considered those things in their discussions. The idea that our ancestors were semiaquatic during an unknown era of their evolution was received from human hair, skin, fat and sweat. This was proposed by Alister Hardy who was a marine zoologist in New Scientist in 1960.

Desmond Morris added more argumentative facts to it in The Naked Ape in 1967. Elaine Morgan researched a lot and wrote several books on it.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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