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Significance of Indian Traditional Festival, Chhath Puja

India is well known all over the world as a country of cultural and traditional festivals. The festival of Chhath is known as a part of Indian religious belief as per the Indian history.

Chhath is dedicated to the Sun and his wife Usha in order to thank them for bestowing the bounties of life on earth and to request the granting of certain wishes.

This ancient Hindu Vedic festival has originated from eastern Uttar Pradesh, North Bihar of India and the Madhesh of Nepal. There are some major significances of this festival that’s plays an important role to make India an incredible country.

According to the experts, the sunrise and sunset are the most important periods of the day of Chhath during which a human body can safely get the solar energy without any harm.

Additionally, it is the way of detoxifying the body and mind which lead to the biochemical changes. Through detoxification, it becomes possible to control the flow of prana as well as getting more energetic.


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