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Silicon Gives Way To Control Quantum Bits For Faster Algorithm

Quantum bits will be easier to manipulate on devices that work on quantum computing, thanks to the enhanced spin-orbit interaction in silicon. A silicon quantum computer chip can hold millions of quantum bits to help with faster information processing than done with today's computers. The benefits of the same will include high speed database searches, efficient stimulation of materials and chemicals process and better cybersecurity. The research was done by groups from the Technological University of Daft, Netherlands, Purdue University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


They discovered that silicon has unique spin orbit interactions and can enable the manipulation of qubits with the help of electric field and without any need for artificial agents. The quality of a qubit is highly dependent on the strength of spin-orbit interaction. The researchers discovered that there was a much more prominent spin orbit interaction than usual at the silicon surface. The qubits are located on the surface in the form of quantum dots. he interaction is anisotropic in nature and this means that it can be used to enhance or minimize the strength of spin orbit interaction. The study will now focus on this anisotropic nature of spin orbit interactions to enhance the control and coherence of  qubits and scaling up the computer chips.


Neha Maheshwari

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