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Social Networking Platform Wants Your Account Safe

Nowadays many times it happens that when you log in to your account and Facebook asks you to re-think a password for your account. The experts said this procedure happens because the social media platform wants your account to be safe. The Facebook’s Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos stated that the company prefers to purchase the passwords from the black market. The official has also said that the company buys passwords that hackers are selling in the black market. Additionally, Stamos said, the company cross-references of the passwords with encrypted passwords are used on their stage.

As per the reports by the tech website CNET, Facebook wants to keep the users’ accounts safe from contravention. While explaining the difference between keeping the platform safe while maintaining the security, the chief of Facebook, said, safety is the bigger issue than security. Stamos stated Security refers as building walls to keep out fear and shore up defenses on the other hand safety is hugely different.  Stamos further added it turns out that we can develop completely secure software and yet people can still be harmed. Although Facebook also provides the complete set of tools for users that make the security on an account fine and fixed, said the official.


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