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Soft and Stretchable Electronics Tattoos for Humans

The scientists have discovered a new method that allows people to print tattoos at home. The scientists have claimed that they have used very less amount of money on the technique that has been created within 1 hour. Not only this, the “data skin” technique is fully functional, said the researchers. Additionally, people have more reason to use this method as the revolution can be created for less than a dollar, explained the scientists.

There are lots of other benefits of this technique such as it can evaluate heart rate and blood oxygenation, or can monitor hand gestures. As per the researchers, this technology is a vast example of the versatile method to print skin-mountable electronics. Along with the dynamic list of benefits, this technique comes as an initiative that connects users to the latest technology.

The scientists stated that this is the first step towards a fully automated method that teaches non-experts to generate their own customized wearable. Currently, the scientists are observing that the time is near when the smartphones, smartwatches and electronics will be soft, stretchable, and stick to skin or clothing.


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