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Some Concepts of Using Black and White at Homes

For painting in black and white gallery, interior designers have more interest because of its unique complex twisted geometry and translate into mix and match wall coverings and fabrics for trend setting. To find more about the concept of black and white, check out the old painters such as Van Eyk, Durer, Rembrandt and Ingres and some modern artists too such as Bridget Riley and Gerhard Richter. Interior monochromes are very elegant, by turns delicate, fine drawn patterns and tones of grey; homely with traditional weaves of checks and herringbone; too dramatic, with boldly contrasting stripes, spots, chevrons and op art.

How black and white patterns are used by designers:

  1. Black and white tiles create a classic patterned floor.
  2. Baked porcelain tiles inspired by Victorian Originals, this add drama to the hall floor. Using or adding black and white borders and pattern sections.
  3. Surface View has a vast archive of wallpapers. These are mainly for walls.
  4. Stripes are the definitive mono classic, as they widen, they give a stretched look of the room by which small rooms also looks big. Running stripes horizontally appears to expand a space. 
  5. Hand-glazed stoneware made in Portugal has an arty abstract black and white splatter design that’s different on every piece. A dinner plate or pasta bowl, mug or small plate. 


By: Srishti Sharma



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