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Some Interesting Facts about Queen Victoria

Victoria was the Queen of the UK of Great Britain and Ireland from 20 June 1837 until she took her last breath. Her coronation was witnessed by some 400,000 visitors.

She has achieved the title of longest reigning monarch in British history. It was amazing that Britain turned it into a constitutional monarchy, even then Victoria’s influence on British society ensured the continuance of the crown itself. There are some quite interesting facts about Queen Victoria that make her a unique historical personality that can never be forgotten.  If we talk about her physical appearance then her height was barely five feet. She had herself proposed to her husband, Prince Albert who was her first cousin. They married on the following year and enjoyed their life. They had nine children. Another interesting thing was that she was brought-up by a single mother, and in the later stage of life she too became a single mother after Albert’s untimely death from typhoid in 1861. Hemophilia, is a blood clotting disorder, can be passed along the maternal side of families. Women are usually carriers of that. It is said that Queen Victoria was the first known carrier of hemophilia, and thus the disease named as “Royal disease.” Her one son and two grandsons died of this disease in a very early age. It is very shocking to know that at least six serious assassination attempts were made by different people against Victoria during her reign. Most of those were while she was riding in a carriage.

By: Anita Aishvarya



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