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Space Reorganization is on the New Year Card

The Bill to make changes that has been proposed in the National Defense Authorization Act has been approved by Congress and very soon it is going to be launched. It is supposed to reshape the military space chain of command and oversight of its space related programs.

Among all the proposed changes, the most crucial is the decision to remove the role of principal Defense Department space adviser from the secretary of the Air Force. The idea of creating a space corps could not be implemented because the Senate wasn’t fully satisfied with its recommendations. On December 7, 2017, Secretary of the Air Force Heather Ms. Wilson spoke to the Senate Armed Services Committee that space needs much more attention than is paid to it yet. It was said that lawmakers could not fulfill their responsibilities by giving access to the space that a military needs. Attempts are being made to ensure decreasing the dependency on a Russian engine, as a launch vehicle that is over budget. With this space reorganization is on board. It is being considered as an important step in giving space related programs an independent wing. It will definitely have a positive impact on space missions.

By: Anita Aishvarya



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