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Space Signals Shows Aliens Calling the Earth

One more time the scientists are getting signals about alien’s life. A Russian telescope has found deep signals from other planet. The scientists have observed that these signals might have come from a star system 94 light years away.


According to the speculation by the scientists these actions can be an attempt by aliens to approach the solar system of the earth. The scientists stated that the host star is known as HD164595, which is similar to our sun.


The study showed the possibilities of the existence of other planets near the solar system which can be of same size as Neptune. The scientists stated that the signals have been detected at Russia’s RATAN-600 telescope by the experts.


After getting the alert experts transferred the information onto Paul Gilster author of the Centauri Dreams website. The author stated that the force of the signal specify that it came from a Kardashev Type II development. The scientists further added that Kardashev scale is a great example of advance civilization.



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