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Spain Tour Begins With a 3-0 Defeat for Indian Women

The five match series between Indian hockey women’s team and Spain commenced with a 3-0 victory in the first match at the Consejo Superior de Deportes Hockey Stadium on Tuesday i.e. 12th June. The match was an even encounter between the two teams but Spain was favored by the finishing displayed by Lola Reira and Berta Bonastre who scored enough goals for the victory. Spain dominated the opening quarter where 26 year old Berta Bonastre found the right spot to score the opening goal in the sixth minute of the game.

India started the game on a fair note where they attempted to score the first goal in 19th minute which was saved by Spanish goalkeeper Maria Ruiz. Rani had a chance of maintaining the equalizer goal but failed in the same. Indian team was also awarded a penalty in the 24th minute but the shot went just wide of the Spanish spot. They tried hard to find an equalizer in the final quarter of the match as they worked towards being on the position of an attacker but unfortunately Sunita Lakra was hit by a common-ball on her head. The referee decided to award a penalty stroke to the hosts which turned out to be an advantage by Lola Riera in the 48th minute. India couldn’t find an opening until the end of their game but Spain was too close to the victory.

By: Swati Kaushal


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