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Spinach Can Work As an Energy Fuel

Many times we have seen a comic character having spinach as an energy source. A new study has claimed that ‘Popeye’ was right and spinach actually is a good source of energy.


The researchers from technion - Israel Institute of Technology have developed a bio-photo-electro-chemical (BPEC) cell. According to the researchers this cell produces electricity and hydrogen from water through sunlight.


The newly made device uses water as raw material simultaneously electric current, hydrogen and oxygen as its products. This device seems to be an amalgamation of a human made BPEC cell and plant’s layers. This newly developed cell uses sunlight and changes it into a flow of electrons.


The scientists stated that this development can work as a new technology for clean fuel creation from natural sources. Unlike other technologies this device uses natural sources such as water and solar energy that helps to reduce pollution. BPEC cell uses naturally occurring process of photosynthesis in plants, which work as a fuel for animal and plants.


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