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Splendid Qatari Exhibition at Berlin

The contemporary Qatari art just had the largest exhibition display in Berlin. The exhibition was held to showcase a dynamic generation of young and new artists, half of which were women and presented society in a rapid state of unrest.

The East German electrical power plant has been housed in Kraftwerk and includes almost 300 works by 73 artists. Other than the hulking beams in 80,000 sq. ft. the exhibition also includes photography, sculpture, video and painting documents artists’ response to the changes in the small peninsular Arabic kingdom within four decades. Many artists that are on display have been old participants of residency programme at Doha Fire Station which used to be a civil defence building but has now been converted into art space and reside at the heart of the capital’s thriving art community.

One of the artists Emelina Soares, has created a carpet made up of 300kg of sand for the exhibition, which changes when people walk over it. Emelina says that the carpet has been inspired by her own multilingual identity i.e. she is s Qatar-born woman who has both Indian and Portuguese roots.

By: Srishti Anand


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