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Squid Protein to Protect Clothes

Have you ever think a squid can save your cloth? Scientists have discovered the self healing features of protein found in squid ring teeth.


The study has claimed that a new liquid combination similar to squid protein has been created by the scientists. This new bacteria and yeast solution can heal or repair most fabrics.


Scientists at Pennsylvania State University have tested the mixture by placing few drops on the fabric-tear. After a few second they analyzed some magical effect. Thus they have claimed that this liquid has got some tremendous features which can repair the cloth.


Beside this any finished product made with this cloth would be able to repair itself with adding up some water and pressure declared the researchers.


Analysts have not named the liquid so far however there are number of potential applications which can find a name such as textile makers. Melik Demirel, who led the research, stated that this new squid-based protein liquid “could help improve shielding of clothing worn by soldiers, medical staff, even farmers.”


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