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Stationery Items that Every Kid in the 90’s Can’t Forget

Childhood is the most beautiful and innocent phase of life. It is a phase when the mind is without fear and the heart is without greed. Kids in the 90’s used to surround themselves with fancy stationary items. Indeed that was one all a kid in those days desired. But today’s scenario is somewhat different. Today, due to technological advancements the scenario has quite changed. Ever since the child becomes a little mature, they are exposed to Iphones and Ipads. These things mean a lot to the kids in the present day than anything else. If we look back, there are a number of amazing things that kids in the 90’s craved. Some of these items are as follows: Multi-purpose pencil box - The multi purpose pencil box was the most wanted item among the children; Rocket Pencil - It used to be the most fancy thing available; Ink Eraser - Often used to erase ink but most of the times it used to tear the sheet of paper itself; Scented Erasers- These erasers were available in different shapes and scents. They were not so efficient in erasing though; Fancy Sharpeners - These sharpeners were available in different shapes and sizes and there used to be a lot of competition among kids concerning who shall have the best sharpener; Pencil Tops - The beautiful trendy pencil tops were another trend among the kids; Pop-a-point pencils - Also referred to as the magic pencils, these were indeed a blessing in the childhood days. Apart from these some other amusing stationery items of those days include: Mechanical pencils; wing sung fountain pens; correction fluid pen; pen pencil; glitter pens; geometry boxes; multi coloured pens; wax crayons, sketch pens, magic pens etc.

By: Anuja Arora

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