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‘Stick Factor’ of Melodies That Stuck in Our Brain

A scientist from Durham University has found some interesting factor of songs that stick in our brains easily. Have you realized why some songs stuck in our head? The scientists said some melodies are known as earworms because of their ‘stick factor’. Dr. Kelly Jakubowski explained that some songs are known as fairly generic. These songs are easy-to-remember but with some exclusive intervals such as leaps or repetitions.

Along with repetitions, those being played more often on radio have more recently featured in the charts are more likely to be reported as earworms, said the researcher. The researcher has also claimed that this is the first time that such study has tested scientifically.

The lead author Dr Jakubowski has also stated that on some extent, people can predict which songs are going to get stuck in our heads depend on the song’s musical content. This feature could help song writers to write a tune everyone will remember for days or months subsequently.

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