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Study Finds Open-Minded Mothers To Boost Children's Creativity More

In a new study at University of Poland led by Joanna Martin Kwaśniewska proved that mothers with open personalities are much more likely to encourage children to be creative. The study investigated the correlation between the personality traits of the mothers and how they affected the creative traits in children. They surveyed about 3000 mothers across Poland. The mothers were analysed in Big Five Trait Model and the five traits that were taken into account were extraversion, agreeableness, openness, neuroticism and conscientiousness.

Mothers were also asked to fill a questionnaire that evaluated the environment in which they raise their children and how it impacted their creative pursuits. The findings proved that mothers who have openness in their nature are able to cultivate more creativity in her children. It shows that openness was one of the main positive predictors of the mothers activities that would form the environment in which a child can have a healthy relationship with his creativity.

The study also showed that even though openness was important, it was not the only attribute that could encourage creativity. Some other important characteristics crucial to boost creativity were emotional stability, agreeableness and emotional stability. The four key actions from the mothers to boost creativity include encouraging children try new and out of the box things, teaching them it is okay to not follow norms all the time, motivate them to persevere and allow them the freedom to think and fantasize.


By: Neha Maheshwari







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