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Study on Inherited HerpesVirus 6 Found Connections to Ancient Humans

A new research was conducted on inherited human herpesvirus 6. The researchers told that they identified the origins of this virus in a small number of people thousands of years ago. The research also highlighted that the virus has the potential to ‘reactivate’.

The study found that a small number of ancestors which lived for about 24,000 years ago had this virus. They have been responsible for transmitting ancient strains of the virus to individuals of today. It has already affected millions of people in the UK alone. The DNA samples were collected by the researchers from the University of Leicester from unrelated people who carried herpes virus 6. The sample providers were mostly from the UK and Europe but also from Japan, China and Pakistan. Some of the HHV -6 genomes were found similar to each other. The virus was discovered located in the same chromosome of people having no known family relationship. Thus, the study revealed that the sequencing of HHV – 6 genomes done by scientists originated in a small number of ancestors.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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