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Study Proves That Indian Parents Are Most Keen For Children's Schoolwork

A new worldwide education study has revealed that the Indian parents are the world's most keen parents to help children with their schoolwork and are the most optimistic about the education their country. The survey equated the priorities and attitudes of 27000 parents across a total of 29 countries. Indian parents were 95% likely to help their children with the education with around 62% spending 7 or more hours per week with them.

The other key figures from the survey include 72% parents saying that the country's education standards have improved and 87% of parents rating the quality of children's education in their school good as compared to the 78% global average. Other countries in the survey include Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Kenya, Malaysia, Peru, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Turkey and Spain among others. Indian parents were also the most optimistic among all the parents with around 88% saying their child's school is teaching them well for the future world. There have been educational failures and funding shortfalls in the education world but there is nothing more astonishing to see how much faith the parents have in the child's school and the education system as a whole. 85% of the Indian parents - a very high number - were also quite likely to send their child to a fee paying school if they have been going to a state school in case they are able to afford it. This was again a high number as compared to parents in other countries.


By: Neha Maheshwari







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