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Study Proves The Importance Of Dog Speak For Bonding Between Pet And Owner

Scientists have proven that just like baby talk leads to a greater bonding between the baby and the parent, dog speak can also strengthen your bond with your canine friend. Scientists at the University of York proved that speech interaction can improve attention and help humans to socially bond with your pets. Previous studies on the subject have proved that talking in high pitch voice improved connection with puppies but didn't make much difference with dogs.

During the experiment, humans were made to talk to dogs both in dog speak and adult speech with no dog related content. The former talked to dogs with dog directed speech such as 'you are a good boy' and 'shall we go for a walk?' and the latter said phrases such as 'I went to cinema last night'. After the attention to the speech was measured, the dogs were allowed to decide which speaker they wanted to interact with physically. The researchers also experimented on whether or not it was the high pitched emotional voice that attracted them or it was the words themselves.

Not only did they found out that our canine pets preferred more dog related content in your speech, they also proved that high pitched emotional voice was almost irrelevant and it was the dog related words that mattered more. The research is definitely useful for pet owners, veterinary officials and rescue workers.


By: Neha Maheshwari


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