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Stunning Recreation of a 9000 Year Old Teenager's Face

Scientists have painstakingly recreated the face of a Mesolithic teenager who probably died sometime around 2000 BC. Detailed mapping of the skull gave us a rare glimpse of what our ancestors would have actually looked like.

The head of the teenage girl who died around 9000 years ago was recreated around 3D scanning and modeling technology. The long dead teenager has slightly masculine features and experts say it was quite common during that era. Dawn was discovered in the cave in the year 1993. She was named Avgi as it is the Greek word for Dawn and she is believed to have lived through what is called the dawn of civilization. Oscar Nilsson who is a Swedish Archaeologist and one of the sculptors who worked on the project said that he glued pegs onto the copy which helped him in reflecting the thickness of the flesh at some certain anatomical points of face. They also took CT scan of Dawn's skull. The scan was further used to make exact replica of measurements using a 3D printer. The result was a slightly masculine female with a noticeable scowl. The features did not came out as a shock to the sculptors and the team of scientists working as they have reconstructed a lot of women during the Stone Age era and some facial features do smooth out over time. Dawn is currently on display in Athens' Acropolis Museum.

By: NehaMaheshwari


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