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SulaFest: Paradise of Music and Entertainment

SulaFest: Paradise of Music and Entertainment



 Sula Fest is the perfect party destinations for travellers and wine and music lovers. It is the live fest of music and dance. The 11th SulaFest is being organized in Nashik. Andreas Fraenzl whose band will also perform in SulaFest mentioned that the band even played shows as a sound system and recorded their own sample library.

After making a little modification, last October the band regained their energy, to get back on stage to do their best. At the fest one can experiencethe band’s high energy beats and grooves that one simple can’t imagine, are being made without instruments. Sagedar states that they’ve also incorporated the konnakol, in 2018 fest. The SulaFest includes grape stomping sessions, treasure hunts enroute to Nashik from Mumbai and Pune, wine and pasta pairing sessions, lessons on freestyle football as well. As they have hosted some of the top international acts for the past decade, Sula Vineyards always work on the aim that the artists to entertain and perform above all expectations. The Gaurav Raina band will perform on India music with a twist at the SulaFest 2018. It is the perfect destination also for foodies, because for them Oriental, Mughlai, Indian and Italian, Popular gourmet houses uch as Mainland China, Hungry Monks, Burger Barn, Makaloo, Wine and spirit brands like Beluga, Hardys, Mud House, Kumala, Asahi, Pittu Cachacha, Bola, Highland Queen, Barking Deer and many more is there. The fest is going to rock in February 2018.

By: Anita Aishvarya


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