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Supermassive Black Holes are Discovered by Astronomers

Researchers of an international team found existence of gravitational waves. This has confirmed the 100 years old predictions of German physicist Albert Einstein. The two supermassive black holes are detected by astronomers including one of Indian origin.

Both the black holes are 750 million light years away from Earth. The gravitational waves found were due to the presence of two stellar mass black holes. They are of about 30 solar masses lying in a condition to collide. Scientists are now planning to study that what is leading both masses to merge that is producing waves in the space-time. They are also going to learn about the role played by these black holes in the evolution of galaxies.

Professor Greg Taylor from University of New Mexico in the US said that they have theorized the possibility of such a thing happening in space. Nobody has seen such thing until now. Researchers are studying about this since last 12 years.


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