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Swimmer Super-Granny

A British 84 year old lady: Jane Asher holds multiple world records and is continuously making more in swimming. She says “There are races to train for, people to teach, more world records to try and break! The week before a major event I try to do nothing, and rest, but it is so hard. I have always had so much energy. It is difficult to hold the number of records she has broken till date, she is known as ‘Queen of masters swimming. It’s a very difficult task to compete with her in swimming competitions. None in two decades could beat her.

The records she broke and that made her famous were 75 world records. In the 8084 age category, she broke another 25. Now competing in the 85-90 brackets. Before her birthday in March she hopes to break 32 records out of 35 events.

Asher taught swimming to four of her children and 11 grandchildren. Two of her sons are following her in Masters swimming. The stamina and speed Asher possesses at the age of 84 is no normal for any other person of her age at all. She says “I suppose it did. I remember when he was ill, he said to me, ‘now you go and do what you like. Swimming helped to clear my mind. It gave me something to focus on. I just love being in the water. It’s where I’ve always felt at home”.

By: Shruti Anand


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