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Swings Help in Learning to Cooperate

Studies show that your favourite past time during childhood may have helped you in learning to cooperate.

The measured movements that the children make on the swings can help them in cooperating in future. These measured movements help students to develop in themselves collaborative skills. The way a child synchronizes with another child on another swings enhances cooperation, because he tries to engage the other person with him at that time. Previous studies have also linked music and cooperation to have a link between them.

In the study involving swings it was noticed that the children to maintain the sync on the swings with their friends tend to complete tasks faster. When two children swing in sync with each other they feel alike and try to interact more.

Cooperation has always had profits. Many tasks which are not possible to be completed alone, may get completed easily when done with others. The results of the study can be used outside the lab. Parents can try to imbibe in the children the value of cooperation by providing them with synchronization opportunity.


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