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Table Tennis: A Game for Everyone

The world’s most popular ping pong game, table tennis is undoubtedly the favourite sport of everyone. It has attracted people of all ages because of significant health benefits. The marvels playing this sport produces is worth noticing. It is a low-injury sport which does not raise pressure on knees. Playing it every day improves flexibility and agility.

The racket sport stimulates the brain to think quickly and to improve hand-eye coordination. Thus, concentration and learning power of people playing tennis is very high. The spin, speed and placement of the ball make a person more skilled in creativity and solving puzzles. Apart from physical and mental benefits, it has been beneficial for enhancing relationships too. A parent and a child who plays tennis witness stronger mutual connection.

Table tennis is ‘high-speed chess’ as it requires extreme quickness and decision making abilities. Therefore, such benefits led to the adoption of slogan “TABLE TENNIS: ANYBODY, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE”.


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