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Taj Is Fading Due To Municipal Waste

Indo American researchers have brought the light on the issue of discolored Taj Mahal. A research by a group of scientists has found the real reasons from which the World Heritage monument is getting faded with each passing day.

According to the researchers Taj is getting faded because of the burning of solid municipal waste. Burning of municipal waste near the surrounding is the reason behind the discoloring of Taj Mahal. The analysts compared the effect of dung cake burning against the burning of municipal’s solid waste. The scientists observed that the burning of solid waste affects the white hue of the Taj as well as affects people’s health.

According to the researchers, burning of municipal’s solid waste (MSW) could be spreading unsafe level of airborne particulate matter (PM). The scientists have added that open MSW ablaze creates roughly 150 milligrams per square meter that is PM 2.5 annually.


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