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The tomato festival in Spain, La Tomatino is celebrated with full zest and zeal in the Valencian town of Buñol which is located in East of Spain, 30 kilometers from the Mediterranean. The participants of the festival throw tomatoes after squashing them on each other. Then they involve themselves in the tomato fight for the entertainment purposes.

This festival is being conducted on last Wednesday of August since 1945. It started when some young people spent time in the town square to attend the Giants and Big-Heads figures parade. The Giants and Big-Heads figures parade converted into an outrageous event when one of the participants fell off. There was a local market consisting of vegetable stall. The people started to smash each other with tomatoes in that market. This is how La Tomatino festival was started.

The festival got broadcasted in the Spanish television program called Informe Semanal. After that, the festival received recognition throughout Spain. Due to the success of festival, it was declared Festivity of International Tourist by the Secretary Department of Tourism.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: Wikipedia

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