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Teacher in Ghana Uses Blackboard to Teach MS Word

With the dependency and the need of the technology increasing day-by-day, there are some institutions and places in the world where the availability of these gadgets is still a dream. Here, we are not even talking about luxury gadgets but the most basic technology of all - Computers. One such instance that came to light is from Sekyedumase Senior High School in Ghana. These people are struggling from serious shortage of funds for their school. The school authorities are not even able to provide computers to their students and if you think that would have stopped them from learning, then you are wrong.

Thanks to one of their amazingly dedicated teacher that the kids are able to learn about the computer softwares without a computer. He is Owura Kwadwo and to help his students learn about the MS Word, he literally drew the complete application's drawings with the menus and the toolbars to explain them how it works. In an Instagram post earlier this February, he mentioned that he would do anything that would help his students understand and learn.

Even though the unavailability of computers is quite shocking, Owara thinks that things are certainly improving and government is doing all they can. But, the post has drawn in donations for laptops and projectors from all around the world.


By: Neha Maheshwari


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