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Team Virat against Team England

Team Virat, playing test series in Rajkot, is aiming to mix the number one Test spot at the end of the year. As per the reports India, Pakistan, Australia and England are measured one of ‘The top four-ranked Test sides’.

These top four sides have already prepared themselves to participate in the longest format of the game. Indian cricket team is aiming to draw the five-Test series against England in the Rajkot test match. As per the officials this match will make sure that the game marked the number one Test spot.

The sports predictors have stated if team India even draws the series against England, they would retain their top position in the game. Through their ability and hard work team India can get top position among the Australia versus South Africa (ranked fifth) and the New Zealand versus Pakistan series. The sports officials have also said that a draw can reduce the points of team India from 115 to 113.

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