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Tennis - A Game of Strength

Fitness drills and extensive exercises tailored to train a tennis player is the toughest part of the game. However, if a player can undertake a well-balanced and planned workout regime, it will definitely bring success at the end.

The various strength training regime for a player is planned to enhance their muscular strength, swiftness and concentration so that they can perform with accuracy in the court. In this training program, periodization is often implemented. Periodization is nothing but a systematic planning of the strength exercises that can be practised in systematic cycles. That way, a player does not have to overdo on any of the training phases or end up fatigued and stressed. As the game involves lots of strength and fitness, wrist, elbow and rotator cuff muscle injuries are common. Taking into consideration the overall strength and muscle-building regime, the entire training session can be divided into three phases. Each phase is again divided into a time-slot. Thus, it is recommended that strength training program in tennis should always be undertaken under the supervision of an expert.

By: Tulika Dey



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