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The 10th National Mime Festival Comes To An End

The 10th National Mime Festival took place this year from March 24 to March 30, 2018. It was organised at the National Mime Institute in CK Block by the Indian Mime Theatre in collaboration with Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre and the Ministry of Culture, government of India. A lot of activities took place during this festival such as workshops , seminars and performances by eminent mime artists and groups from all over the country. Various mime groups and scholars come up to participate from all over India. This helps them in showcasing their talent and brings them a lot of popularity. It is also an amazing opportunity for building up one's network. The festival included artists and groups such as Vishnu Roy (North 24-Parganas), Kslpatru Guha, Mukunda and Taabar society. The best aspect of miming is that it involves acting out a story through body motions, without the use of speech. It connects people with one another through emotions, it doesn't require a language for communication. Usually miming is associated with people with white faces and black dresses but that is not all about mime. It is an art that requires a lot of skills and efforts. A lot of efforts are Also being made in order to make it easy and simple to understand by making use of music, different props and even colourful dresses. The only hurdle that the National Mime Institute is facing inadequate funding.

By: Anuja Arora

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