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The Birth of Japanese Sumo Wrestling

Japanese Sumo Wrestling is known as one of the oldest Japanese art forms. Sumo wrestlers were a favorite subject of Japanese woodblock prints. Unlike other art forms, Sumo Wrestling is one of the games that are achieving popularity in North America and Europe. People from different states prefer wrestling over Football and Soccer games.

According to the history, Sumo has its roots in the Shinto religion. The matches were dedicated to the gods in prayers for a good harvest. Additionally, the oldest written records date back to the 8th century. But it is probably more than 1500 years old.

The Art of Sumo print from the 18th and 19th century proves the popularity of the sport in the history. For the period of the last two decades, the art of sumo wrestling could establish itself even outside of Japan. Akebono, an American born in Hawaii, became the first American champion to reach the highest rank.

By: Ms. Priyanka Negi


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