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The Bizarre Pi

We have always read the value of Pi to be approximately 3.14, but the most accurate value that scientists ever found extended up to 13 trillion digits after the decimal. Finding out the final value of pi is not possible but in 1888, Logician John Venn tried to visually show that the series of pi digits were a random pattern. He did this by drawing a graph showing the first 707 decimal places and then assigned a compass point to the numbers 0 to 7.

Other than this pi seems to be quite an unusual number. One of the finding show that at position 768 in the pi, there is a series of six 9s consecutively. This block of 9s is called the Feynman Point. Another interesting sequence is the presence of 0123456789 at another position and just 60 positions earlier the same series being present again but in a jumbled form.

Want to have some fun with pi? Look for you birthday on the pi series and find out that where do you occur on the sequence.



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